Thursday, December 12, 2013

"Getting It"

I'm biting my nails over here, just waiting for that first review to roll in.  Again, not sure admitting that is the "right" thing to do, but there you go!

The thing most authors (most people, actually) want more than anything is to be understood...related to.  Authors want the people who read their book to say "I get it.  I get it and I like it." 

Now, logically, I know it's not possible for everyone to "get it."  Not everything is my cup of tea and I fundamentally know my writing won't be everyone's cup of tea.  But to know even one reader liked my story, found my characters compelling, and was glad to have stumbled upon on my eBook is an incredible thought.

Again, thanks to all who have already downloaded "All of Me."  I sincerely hope it resonates with some of you (well, all of you, but I'm trying to be realistic here).  And for those who haven't downloaded it yet, it will be free in the Kindle store until this Sunday, 12/15. 

Best wishes,


  1. What a pleasure, Gina! Quit biting your nails, and write, write, write! :)

  2. Terry,

    I wrote the above "Gratitude" post before I saw your comment.

    I am very rarely at a loss for words, but your review left me speechless. Not tear-less, certainly, but speechless. :)

    My husband suggested I re-read your review during any future moments of doubt or self-flagellation. I shall, indeed.

    Eternally Grateful,
    Gina :) (one more for good measure)

  3. Gina,

    I happened to think about you today and went in search of news about your upcoming works, and was blown away when I found your comments here and on your Gratitude post! I promise you there were no dry eyes here!

    It never occurred to me that MY words would move YOU! And in return you literally moved me to tears. I now stand in Gratitude to you, once again, for the lovely words that roll undoubtedly from your heart. :)

    As for the few errors in All of Me and the pounding that you are apparently giving yourself, I saw them, but they were so insignificant as compared to the story being told that I refused to make any reference to them. Please let that go and just keep writing! If the professional editor doesn't come through, you can believe I will be happy to help you proofread! LoL! AND :)
    (no, seriously!) :) (i like those and exclamation marks a lot myself! See!)

    Just keep doing your thing, Gina, and we will sit quite impatiently waiting!

    With tons of smileys!

  4. Terry,

    If you sounded any more like my husband, I'd think the two of you were in cahoots! The poor fella finally had to cut me off from verbally obsessing over the errors. The man is a saint, but even he has his limits! ;)

    Thank you, again...