Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Debut Author, Debut Post

I wonder if all debut authors write their first post wondering if anyone in world will ever read it.  My guess is they do, but are too smart to admit to it! :) 

But more to the point...my debut novel, "All of Me," is now available via Kindle.  It's a contemporary love story about a 28 year old breast cancer (and mastectomy) survivor and an emotionally damaged police officer finding each other, grudgingly falling in love, and ultimately deciding which will triumph: their scars or their once-in-a-lifetime love.

Because I am a debut author, I want to give readers an idea of my writing style and what they can expect.  I hate buying a book only to find out the heat level, language, and/or tone isn't my cup of tea.

I'd rate "All of Me" as moderately hot.  There are no euphemisms used - parts are called what they are. :) It's definitely not Erotica, but it's on the steamier side.  All sexual interactions are between the hero and heroine and they are all within the context of an emotional relationship.

I use curse words.  Relatively frequently.  If curse words offend you, I'm probably not the author for you. 

My hero is a nice guy.  Just a like a real person, he has his flaws and he is very physically and emotionally damaged.  But he's no "bad boy" and he is most certainly not a player.  He's strong and often silent, but still waters do run deep, right? :)

(Sorry for all the smiley faces - I'm a big fan). :)  But I digress...

My heroine is intelligent and witty with a backbone of steel.  There's no simpering, cowering, or wishy-washiness going on.  She is a nurse, comes from a big, tight-knit Italian family, and - though she's been hurt - has a huge, open heart. 

I truly believe in the story and hope it will resonate with some readers. 

If you've taken the time to read all this, thank you so much!


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