Friday, December 27, 2013

Going Nuts, a/k/a Preparing for Danny & Kat

In about a week and a half, the kids will head back to school and I'll head back to Cleveland (in my mind). Danny & Kat's story is keeping me awake at night and I have a notebook full of ideas waiting impatiently to come to life. I'd like to get started on it now, but with all of the chaos, I've decided to just wait it out. I want to be able to give them my full attention!

Writing this book will be WAY scarier than the first one because, this time, I know there will be people actually reading it. ;) I'm not gonna lie...I'm a little freaked out. But I suspect that's normal - or at least that's what I've been telling myself!

I promise to deliver the best story I can. Danny's issues are buried a little deeper than Nathan's were and Kat is difficult to get to know (Stella was nothing if not an open book!). But I'll delve deep and we'll get it all sorted out. ;)

Thank you so much for visiting this blog. Your kind support means more than I can say!


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