Thursday, January 9, 2014

Take 2 - Amazon Update

It is becoming rather clear that I am not technologically-gifted.  My initial post about the Amazon update was formatted strangely...much like the "new" version of "All of Me!"  So, let's try this again!

By now, any/all of you who downloaded the book have received an email from Amazon about updating to the newer version.  I downloaded it myself this morning to take a look...

The editing revisions look good, but there are still some spacing issues (between words, for example).  No matter what formatting tricks I try, it is apparent I haven't yet mastered the necessary skills.  I am contemplating returning to college to major in computer programming just so I can get the damn thing right!

My fervent hope is that it's "better," if not "perfect."  I am beyond grateful that most readers are very forgiving and that they seem to love the story, despite my format shortcomings. :)

I know these posts are boring and kind of a drag, but I appreciate you allowing me to vent. 


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