Saturday, January 4, 2014


I have *finally* achieved a small triumph over the mental maze that is Amazon publishing!

Okay, so, I was going nuts trying to figure out why, when I re-downloaded "All of Me" on my Kindle, I continued to receive the old, error-filled version. I deleted and re-installed my Kindle app and deleted the book and re-downloaded it and still...nothing. No matter what I did, I would receive the old book.

And then I dug around the Kindle help section and found out why...

In order for customers who have already purchased the book to receive the new version, the author has to contact Amazon and request those customers are notified.  Which I just did!  So, for those of you who downloaded "All of Me" a while ago, you should be receiving an email and/or a Kindle notification about gaining access to the more polished version.

I am so relieved to have figured this out.  I want every reader to have the best possible experience with the book and knowing the update is being made available goes a long way in ensuring that! :)

Once again, thank you so much for bearing with me during this craziness.  What a journey! 


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