Saturday, January 11, 2014

Scandalicious Book Reviews Podcast Featured "All of Me!!!"

Hi, everyone!

I received a message on Facebook earlier in the week from a member of the Scandalicious Book Reviews team saying she had chosen "All of Me" as one of her Top 5 picks of the year.  Yes, I nearly fainted.  And I *did* cry.  A lot.

Anyway, they also chose "All of Me" as their Book of the Week and did a half an hour podcast on it last night.  Crazy, right?! 

I just listened to it and...It. Was. Amazing.  (I made my husband listen to it first in case they said something awful - yes, I am HUGE wimp with thin skin).  But they were incredibly gracious with their praise and spot-on in their analyses (meaning I felt like they totally "got" Nathan, Stella, and the story).  It was incredible.

Here is a link to their site.  If you scroll down a little, you'll find a "play" arrow and you can listen to the podcast from there (if you're interested).  Their website is amazing, too...I highly recommend checking it out.  They are passionate romance readers who love discussing books.  Can't get much better than that. :)

And thank you, again, to all of YOU.  Your support means everything to me.  Thank you for visiting my blog and for being kind enough to read my ramblings. :)


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