Sunday, January 5, 2014

Growing Pains (a/k/a Danny & Kat Falling in Love)

Well, I'm on page 40 of Danny & Kat's story and, I've gotta be honest, they are making this very difficult.  It's like trying to push two mountains together...

God, are they both stubborn.  And guarded.  It is now clear they will be fighting me tooth and nail the entire way, dammit. 

Kat's a toughie.  Her unfailingly logical approach to everything coupled with her introverted nature is killing me.  When Stella said she was a tough nut to crack, she wasn't lying.  She is as guarded as a person can be - and has every intention of staying that way.

Danny is a little easier to handle because, underneath it all, he really does want to be understood, accepted, and loved.  He blows a lot of smoke and he's got a lot of issues, but it's starting to look like he might just fall first...

And I thought Nathan gave me a hard time.  Unfortunately, it appears I haven't seen anything yet!

Wish me luck.