Saturday, July 26, 2014

Prepping for Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the day!  I'll be hitting "publish" on All of You around noon tomorrow, with Amazon hopefully putting it up by Monday morning. 

I've been busy getting everything set to publish...all I have to do is hit that button tomorrow and it'll be all set!  The book has already been submitted to Kobo because they are notoriously slow in getting books online.  NOOK will be published at the same time as Kindle!

I'm really nervous, but I'm getting very excited, too.  I've gotten feedback from a few bloggers I really respect and they liked the book, so I'm allowing myself some hope that you might like it, too! 

Just for your information, a print version will also be available on Amazon (my first print book, because All of Me isn't in print yet).  It's a little pricey - they made me list it at $12.49 or above because of the length, so it's $12.49. 

I'll post tomorrow when I actually publish!  Yikes! ;)


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