Sunday, July 27, 2014

All of You is Live!!!

All of You is finally live on Amazon!

Whoo-hoo!!! ;)


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  1. Hi Gina, I've finally finished reading All of You and I loved every word of it. I've reviewed it on Goodreads and Amazon. But I want to shart the last part with you :-)

    I am the kind of person who weeps with joy over a literary love stories but don’t give a s**t about love in reality. I’ve been resolute in my view that true love stories only exist within the covers of a novel or the film spools of a movie. Reading ‘All of You’ shook me up as Kat and Danny’s love was a little too real. It has left me wondering if maybe, just maybe, love in reality may not be so sordid after all. Any author who can make me re-evaluate my belief system will stay with me forever. Thank you so much Gina (I really hope that you get to read my review). I eagerly await Fi and Ben’s story.

    Thank you Gina :-)

    With luv, Sharanya