Sunday, June 15, 2014

Nathan & Gia

For a little Father's Day fun, here's a short snippet of Nathan with Gia in All of You (Danny and Kat's story)...because you know I can never get enough of him: :)

Nathan picked Gia up off the changing table and planted a big kiss on her chubby cheek. “What’s wrong, my little angel?” he cooed, laughing when Gia stopped crying and stared at him. “There you go, my little princess.” Nathan kissed both cheeks and the tip of her nose, which made Gia giggle. “That’s better, isn’t it? Daddy always makes it all better.” He turned the Gia to face Kat. “Hi, Zia Kitty-Kat.”

Kat grinned and shifted weight to her stronger right leg. She extended her arms. “Piccolo farfalla mia! Come see your zia…” Nathan handed her Gia and Kat held her as tightly as she could, swinging back and forth. She gave Gia a squeeze. “Oh, I love this kid.” Kat shot Nathan a look. “And that’s the only reason I’m not gonna rip your face off for the ‘Kitty-Kat’ crap.”

Nathan grinned and threw a burp cloth over his shoulder. He changed out the Diaper Genie bag and kissed Gia’s head before walking out of the room.

Even after all these months, it was still so weird to see him like this: relaxed and happy. Nathan was a serious guy. To put it mildly. But this baby had turned a huge mountain of a hard-nosed cop into a puddle of mush.

“Isn’t he so adorable you could eat him with a spoon?” Stella whispered, watching Nathan walk away as she came in. “Every time I see him with her I wanna jump him.” She grinned. “And most of the time, I do.”

“Ew, Stell. Ugh.” Kat sat in the rocker and settled Gia into her lap. “Enough with the TMI, okay? You’re grossing me out.”

Stella laughed. “Sorry. But the man is too much for me to handle with all of the baby talk and changing diapers and kissing her every five seconds.” She sighed. “Those broad shoulders and huge biceps were hard enough to take before, but now seeing Gia in his arms?” Stella shivered. “I can’t get enough of him.”

Kat rolled her eyes and covered Gia’s ear with her hands. “You’re gonna scar this kid, you know that, don’t you? And me. Save the dirty talk for Fi and Gigi. Talk about eating things up with spoons.”

“That wasn’t dirty talk,” Stella said, grinning. “But if you really wanna hear some stuff-”

“God, no, Stell!” Kat positioned Gia so they were face-to-face. “Let’s change the subject, eh, Gia? From your dirty Mama to what you and Zia Kat are gonna do today.”

A fun little sneak-peek, no? :)

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